About The Equine Photographer

Martina Regan began her career in New York City in the publishing industry. After spending eight years in the USA between New York and San Francisco, Martina returned to Ireland in 2001 to pursue her passion for Photography as a career .... and has never looked back since!!! 

With a wealth of over ten years’ experience in photography, Martina has mastered the unique skills which are involved in gracefully capturing the engagement between the subjects of equine photography. Visiting horse yards nationwide, her work succeeds using specific and detailed lighting to capture the rich texture of the horse, the beauty of nature and the captivating tone of emotion between man and horse. Her equestrian photography is quickly becoming renowned for her unique talent in capturing the true character of her subjects and evoking emotion through the artistic depiction of equine subjects.

The Equine Photographer showcases the captivating beauty and elegance of a horse in its natural environment, and the enduring relationship of a horse and its owner. Martina’s work is renowned for her mastery of light and capturing the character of her subjects, two skills which translate magnificently into the essence of equine photography. Born out of the personal passion Martina has for horse riding and nature, The Equine Photographer creates dramatic and emotive images which portray the enthralling beauty of a horse. 


















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